Does your restaurant have a culture? Develop it!

Developing a sustainable restaurant culture
One of the more unseen factors that affect a restaurant's success is restaurant culture. It’s easy to say you have a good culture at your restaurant. But do you really? Think long and hard about whether your employees, both back and front of the house, value and understand what your long-term goals are. Do they buy in to where they are working?
Today I want to talk about developing your employees' interest in your restaurant. I’m sure your employees come to work with the intent of maximizing profit and containing costs. But employees who truly care about where they work are to be valued. Getting that feel of when everyone is on the same page in a restaurant is difficult. But it’s also easy because you do it with some simple actions on your part.  

Communicate: We always talk about how important it is to communicate with your employees. But really do it honestly and heartfelt. That may be difficult for some employers. They don’t want to share too much with their employees. I get that. But sharing your goals in a genuine manner can make people feel like they are more involved with your business.  

Be Honest: I’m not saying you’re not being honest. But when you’re talking with employees, treat them with respect and in a friendly manner. Too many times, employers hide parts of the business from their employees. They don’t need to know everything about the financial dealings of the business, but when they feel part of changes and improvements, they are going to be more apt to buy in to the culture.  

Trust: Build trust between employees by delegating responsibilities amongst every employee. Build teamwork by giving everyone a key role in the success of your business. This tends to help everyone feel part of the team. Watch out for negative elements in your team though. One disgruntled employee can sour an entire team. Everyone should be watching everyone else's back.  

Show a Sense of Purpose: Show your team that you are in it for the long haul. You’re with them on this journey. First you must remind yourself why you started the restaurant in the first place. Showing your team the “why” can lead to them becoming a stronger team. Give them a reason to be excited about being at their job.  

Using these simple ideas can help you to get on to the next level in your restaurant. It takes a little more effort on your part as an employer. But it can lead to a stronger, more profitable business. Thanks for taking the time today to read what I had to say. Let me know what your experience is with building a restaurant culture.