How do I know if I need an Consultant?

You notice your labor cost is increasing. You see the price of ingredients for your menu going up. The rent is the same, but you see areas of your restaurant where improvements should be made. What should you do? In some cases, a consultant is the best answer. You’re thinking that margins are so close as it is. Do I have the money to spend on a consultant? You do. It’s worth investing in yourself.
A consultant can give you a fresh set of eyes. They will come into your restaurant and see things you and your staff won’t see. Immediately they’ll see things on your menu that should be repriced and recosted. A consultant can look at your whole menu and find things that should be dropped and maybe add some new items that fit in with your concept. Every item on your menu should be making money. If they are not, they should be gone. The consultant can identify where to make those cuts without the emotion that an owner or their staff might bring to the menu.
A consultant can pinpoint how much labor is needed for your restaurant. They will apply controls that will lower your labor cost. They can go into your cooler and find where you can reduce the cost of your goods. Working with purveyors, they can get you the best price on your items. And if it’s needed, they will show your staff how they can get the best yield from your food.
The bottom line is that the consultant can help you make your food better and make you more money. You have an opportunity to make your business better and make it thrive. Give BottomLine Profits a call today. We can show you what we can do.